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Welcome to Healthwise Institute

At Healthwise Institute, our ambition is to make your body such a nasty, cantankerous, ornery place that only good health will ever survive in it.

Contrary to popular opinion, achieving ongoing good health isn’t a mystery or necessarily difficult to achieve. The single most efficient and effective method for combating most ailments is simple.... Use your own body’s perfectly designed immune system (healing system).

The difficulty is, almost everyone’s immune system is far from functioning adequately or effectively due to environmental pollutants, stress, diet and a modern day propensity to use pharmacological remedies.

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In simple terms, if you have an ailment, you can take a pill, which in most cases solves the problem... For a while anyway... But in reality, the pill has merely provided a band aid solution that is probably masking an underlying problem. The real question is... "What caused the problem in the first place"? If you can solve this, a repeat of the issues you face can be avoided and you will be healthier and happier.

Treating the underlying health issues rather than the symptoms also has the benefit of resolving other current and/or undiagnosed health problems that you may be developing and have yet to come to the surface.

Healthwise Institute refuses to simply treat your symptoms. We are committed to healing you in a way that will not only make you healthier in the short term, but will also strengthen and condition your own body's abilities to better handle health challenges - even future ones. .

How do we do it?

We do this by using proven methodologies and treatments based on 37 years experience of our founder, Dr Zenon Gruba, that work. This may sound a little idiotic. But the fact is it works, is safe and has helped over 15,000 satisfied former patients achieve previously unattainable standards in good health.

Unlike most medical Doctors that principally practice medicine based on pathology, Dr Zenon Gruba's methodologies are based on physiology. Physiology is how your body works. Pathology is the expression of what is going wrong in your body. We use physiology because it is the mechanism that your body uses to keep you healthy. Your body actually knows how to repair you. But it usually can’t because some process gets in the way. Our job is find what that is and resolve it. That leaves the rest up to your body. Your body knows how to do it.

Modern medicine really does not have all the answers. It is superb at doing heroic things, like heart transplants, repairing major trauma, but it is highly ineffective in getting you healthy compared to your own bodies ability to heal itself.

Many of the methods we use at Healthwise are based on our experience. This is called empirical medicine.

Empirical medicine is based on the repeated observation of beneficial outcomes for several patients as observed by many doctors over many years. Ie. If it works, do it again. If it doesn't work, try something different. Empiricial medicine has been around since Adam and Eve or even longer.

Scientific medicine has been around for a little over a hundred years. While it has had some spectacular successes, its overall score card for treating chronic medical illnesses is pretty pathetic and getting worse all the time. Because the gold standard of conventional medicine - the double blind trial - has been found to reveal all kinds of embarrassing things, the swing is towards a new standard called "evidence based medicine". Evidence based medicine means that if my professor says he thinks it's okay, then it is okay for me to use it. And it doesn't matter if my professor just happens to be on the pay-roll of the relevant drug company.

At Healthwise, we have incredible means of getting your body healthy in the most simple ways. Whether you're female, male, young, mature, a wife, husband, daughter, son, pregnant, single, lost, found, fundamentalist, a new ager or an old ager, as long as you want to be young at heart, we want to help you.


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