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About us

The foundations of Healthwise Institute are based on more than 35 years of continual study, research and practical experience in medicine by Dr (Sir) Zenon Gruba.

Zenon graduated with honours in Medicine from Melbourne University in 1970. He has subsequently earned almost a plethora of post-graduate qualifications, that he is too embarrassed to publish here.

Zenon spent two years internship at the late Preston and Northern Community Hospital (PANCH) and did his induction into finding excellent ways of healing in general practise in Mulgrave for 14 years. He then went into full time Health in 1985. And has never looked back.

Zenon is the founder of Healthwise Institute (Formerly Whole Health and Wellness Institute). He chose the title Institute because he wanted to teach his patients how to get and stay well and pass his knowledge onto his peers.

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Healthwise staff include four part time receptionists whose job it is get you the best care possible. Their job is the thankless task of keeping Zenon on time and seeing everyone who walks through the front door. They have all been trained to help out with many of the less serious problems patients may present with. They have to be able to give advice when Zenon is away on conferences or simply spending time with his family, recovering his sanity and sense of humour.

Heathwise Medical Staff include:

  • Debbie: Debbie is nursing sister with a naturopathic degree.
  • Leanne: Leanne is a nursing sister, who has developed an incredible skill at detecting allergies and treating them.
  • Robin: Robin is a nursing sister, who is learning all the things we do at Healthwise.
  • Karen: Karen is a naturopath. Karen is a superb lymphatic drainage therapist. Zenon is grooming Karen to take on a role similar to what Zenon does. Karen is part of Zenon’s succession plan.

Future Heathwise staff will include newly trained personnel who will continue the excellent care provided at Healthwise, but who will also give Zenon the opportunity to research new and better ways of healing.

Zenon faces the very real problem of “working with his head down and is unable to see or partake of the opportunities that present themselves on the horizon”.

The nature of our business is to teach you how to cure yourself. Your body is infinitely smarter than anybody Zenon knows. And that includes Zenon.


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