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Why Healthwise

Why Healthwise?

The classic approach in medicine is to find and treat a diagnosis. Failing that, find a symptom that the practitioner knows how to treat, and then treat that symptom.

Dr G believes that an illness is the body’s intelligent response to some noxious insult. This insult might be an emotion eg road rage, physical eg injury, infectious eg influenza, nutritional eg Alzheimer’s disease, allergy eg asthma, toxic eg tobacco, etc. Sometimes, that intelligent response goes off the rails and causes nasty illnesses eg alcoholism, addictions, diabetes, cancer, etc.

But it is always intelligent.


If you stop and consider that 2 trillion chemical reactions occur in each cell every second for many years. All working in perfect harmony, perfect synchrony, with perfect respect for each and every other cell in your body. By the way. It also keeps on working very well even you are seriously sick with some very nasty illness. How often have you been told that all pathology tests are normal?

How does that happen?

We, humans, are composed of some 10 billion cells. Each cell knows exactly what to do, when to do it, why to do it, in what sequence and the ultimate reason why it does it.

This is absolutely incredible. And that’s in one second. How many seconds in your life? How many different situations will you find yourself during your life?

It’s not just incredible. It’s staggering.

Think about what this implies. The incredible system of communications that puts all this together. In every cell. In every organ. Over the whole body. All its responses at all levels, including emotional, spiritual, physical, spiritual, etc.

At Healthwise, we treat your health, not your illness. Once your health is healthy, your illness really doesn’t stand much of a chance.

What and who do we treat?

Almost everything.

Almost everyone.

Almost every age group.

Is there anything that we can’t treat?

Yes. But these occur rarely. Dr Gruba is learning new things all the time.


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