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Pain can really spoil your weekend, your day, your joy, your everything. It can even make you a real “pain” ……..

It doesn't matter what your pain is or what it is due to, taking loads of pain-killers really doesn't address your pain.

Recent research has shown that if you have been taking any kind of pain killer for even a few weeks, that pain killer will begin to be the cause of your pain.

Think about it. You feel pain because there is a problem. Your doctor does not address the actual cause of your pain. Instead you are given a pain killer to treat the symptom. Is your body going to sit around and do nothing? Or will it find a way of letting you know that the problem still exists? EVEN WHEN YOU ARE TAKING A PAIN KILLER.

At Healthwise, we have developed a formidable expertise at treating many different kinds of pain and pain syndromes.

We have discovered the cause of many, perhaps even, most of the pain syndromes. We can effectively and quickly treat most pain syndromes in incredibly simple ways. Our much relieved patients are often amazed at how quickly and simply a pain can simply disappear. We haven't got them all licked yet. But we are getting closer all the time.

The kinds of things we are successful at treating are acute injuries of all kinds, including post-operative pain, post traumatic pain, acute sprains, back and neck pain. We are very good at treating long standing pain syndromes like, migraines and other headaches, painful shoulders, chronic backache, menstrual disorders, just to name a few. We have great success in helping relieve pain experienced in our cancer patients.

We use a range of proven and new innovative technologies.

These include great golden oldies like chiropractice, acupuncture (with and most often without needles), cupping.

Dr Gruba is proud to say that we have developed new methods, that are a first in the whole world. MORA-Color.

More innovative methods are based on the principles of myofascial medicine.

Depending on the condition, and how long it has been present, therapists at Healthwise can eliminate most pain syndromes in as few as 4 – 5 treatments over a similar number of weeks.

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For help with all your medical and health issues, please ring our receptionists on 03 9813 5044 and make an appointment to see one of our practitioners.

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