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Chronic Disability


Chronic Disability – dementia, arthritis, chronic pain, rheumatism, aging.

There is a common misconception about aging.
Aging is a healthy process by which we travel from conception to whenever we are meant to leave this mortal coil. Aging cannot be prevented. Nor is aging an illness.

But it does not mean that with growing older, we should suffer with pain, stiffness, heart diseases, strokes, cancer, dementia and all the other things that seem to afflict people as they grow older.

But you can’t expect to be at 60 years of age as you were at 16.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that 70% of all Australians over the age of 60 has at least one major disability that significantly impinges on their day to day joy. Yet, our health authoritarian keep telling us how healthy we are. Our hospital systems are over-loaded to beyond being over-whelmed, with sick older folk.

Anti-aging treatments make great promises about keeping us baby boomers young for ever. But there is little evidence that their promises are altogether true.

However, it is true that with age, wear and tear catches up with all of us.

The lucky ones with good family stock will keep going on forever. But most of us will experience some discomfort.

At Healthwise, we are bold enough to suggest that there may be reasons for people contracting such illnesses. Based on these “bold conjectures”, we have developed diagnostic systems and treatments that we are sure will lots to keep our more mature citizens happy and healthy.

There is however a very real proviso. If you leave an illness to develop and mature, that illness may become incurable. So as we get older, it becomes increasingly important to have good diagnostics and even better therapies, given before most of , for example, your brain cells have eroded away. Surely this makes sense.

At Healthwise, we have very effective diagnostic and treatment systems, that should make life a joy to be looked forward to.

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