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Heart, Arterial & Venous Disorders


Heart disorders are still the major cause of death in Australians. We have to die of something. But it is the premature demise that is most distressing.

Did you know that 60% of all patients suffering or dying of heart attacks have absolutely no risk factors, have perfectly pristine circulation to their hearts, and doctors are at a loss to explain why. They have normal cholesterol, clean coronary blood vessels. A major reason is that doctors don't expand their horizons. German doctors believe that major causes of heart disease exist below the diaphragm, and not above it. But that's the domain of the gastro-enterologists, who are not supposed to know anything about heart diseases!

Dr G believes that cholesterol* is not a major cause of heart disease. Cholesterol features at less than 5% of a "cholesterol" plaque. (*I is cholesterol levels over 30, not just 5, that matter.)

At Healthwise, we think we know why this happens. We actively look for evidence of arterial disease in all patients over 21 years of age.

For women, circulation is a dreadful problem. Women get varicose veins, spider veins, cold legs, painful legs.

At Healthwise, we have treatments that can help enormously.

A very cruel condition that afflicts women is cellulite. It is highly likely that cellulite is due to the fact that women have extremely poor lymphatic drainage most often in the legs, but for some women it is all over their bodies.

Our Lymph therapists are second to none.

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