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Female Hormonal Disorders


Hormonal Imbalance – Women. Menstrual problems, Period difficulties, Infertility Problems, Libido issues, Marital difficulties, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Thyroid disorders.

Hormones seem to be a woman’s lot in life.

Beginning with period pain and distress early in young woman’s life.

Then problems with safe and effective contraception.

This is followed with fertility issues. Did you know that a woman can becomne "allergic" to her partner's semen?

Many women bear pain while having sex with great silence and fortitude.

Being over weight, experiencing cellulite, prominent leg veins, swollen ankles.

Women are experiencing breast cancer in epidemic proportions.

Then there is menopause with all its attendant symptoms of hot flushes, sexual difficulties.

Did you know that the leading manufacturer of HRT was found guilty of not revealing research that showed HRT caused cancer?

Now thyroid insufficiencies (thyroid disorders with normal blood test readings) cause depression, anxieties and sometimes severe psychotic illnesses. All to culminate with greatly increased chances of developing dementia.

I tell you. It’s no fun being a female.

At Healthwise, we have highly effective treatment programs that address to underlying causes of these many disorders, bringing health and wellness to female patients.

For help with all your medical and health issues, please ring our receptionists on 03 9813 5044 and make an appointment to see one of our practitioners.

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