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Conventional Medicine waits until you develop a recognizable illness. If it can’t put a label on it, then it ill look for some recognizable symptom. It then uses a “cookie cutter” formula from a book. It calls this “ experiential evidence”. It may even have Drug company research to “prove” that its drugs work.

Even “better”, Conventional Medicine will try to “prevent” you getting sick. It does by putting you on a drug forever, regardless of any potential risks. It also resorts to the use of vaccinations.
Conventional Medicine also has its investigations, of which mammograms and PSA are the most well known. Both of these screening tests are coming under increased scrutiny, and their value is being seriously questioned.

Without any shadow of doubt, Conventional Medicine is brilliant at treating acute infectious illnesses and trauma. But when it comes to treating chronic diseases, Conventional Medicine has been found to be wanting. Patients with chronic diseases are put on life-long medical programs that do little more than ameliorate their symptoms.

A big problem that faces Conventional Medicine is that an investigation is only useful, if it actually finds something. But by that time happens, the illness has usually been present for many years. Sometimes it will have spread throughout the body, placing your longevity at great peril.

Long before an illness ”matures” into a recognizable diagnosis, the patient will be suffering with a multitude of non-specific symptoms. Medical Doctors usually refer to such patients as the “concerned healthy patients”, “the worried well”.. Or it calls them “neurotic”, “anxious”, “depressed” or “it’s all in the mind”.

At Healthwise, our practitioners use many different methods to elucidate the actual process of each individual patient’s illness and subsequently endeavour to find the cause and definitive treatment.

Our experience has shown that our diagnostic techniques are very accurate and we believe that we will be able to prevent serious illnesses that might occur in the future.

Our diagnostic methods do not rely on waiting for a medical textbook illness. But they do look into how your health and body are travelling and where your health is potentially developing.

Conventional Medicine wants to prevent diseases. How can you prevent something if you don’t know what you are preventing?

At Healthwise, our diagnostic methods seek out where your body is headed. So it is our expectation that by appropriately adjusting your body, we will be able to prevent many future illnesses.

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