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Infant, Child, Adolesscent Health


Kids can have a real hard time.

Starting during pregnancy, to infancy with colic and eczema, to school with bullying & learning, to adolescence with risk taking, alcoholism, tobacco and drug abuse, to deciding what career they are going to choose.

Then all the sexual issues, girls, boys, falling in love, jealously, hooning.

And all that before lunch time.

Being a kid is hard work for kids. It is also hard work for the parents who have to put up with the little "darlings".

A lot of this is normal pre-adult exuberance. But some of it can become quite dangerous.

A significant part of this is actual illness. The trick is to be able to differentiate between a kid who is too bright for his teachers and becomes bored in school and the kid who suffers with sensory difficulties. Dr G's daughter had visual and auditory perception problems. The doctors knew nothing about this stuff. Dr G had to work it all out the hard way.

At Healthwise, we think outside the square for our little patients.

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