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Male Hormonal Disoders


Hormonal Imbalance – Male, Risk taking, Alcohol and tobacco abuse, Impotence, Fertility Issues, Prostate problems

Men have problems too. Although not to same extent as women.

The major problems facing men is that they have an excellent chance of developing enlarged prostates and prostate cancer.

A major problem for men is that the prostate rarely causes any significant symptoms until very late into the course of the illness.

Infertility is also a very male disorder, that is hard to treat.

Getting in early and treating these disorders makes life much easier for males.

An interesting observation that Dr Gruba has made over many years is that any pathology in the prostate decreases the chance of a man staying happily married. This is only Dr Gruba’s personal observation, but one that has been showing up consistently over 40 year of medical practise.

At Healthwise, we have diagnostic procedures that allow us to detect the presence of prostatic disorders and their causes very early on in the process of the disorder.

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