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Over-Weight, Obesity & Cellulite


Dr Gruba’s 40 years experience in helping patients who are over-dimensioned, has shown him, that being over-dimensioned is a condition with many causes.

The least important is eating excessively.

The "fat industry" works on belief systems that border on religious fanaticism and bigotry. There is little or no real science behind all the low calorie and low fat diets. No wonder, none of them work in the long term.

Over-dimensioned? Yes, because if you consider that being over-weight is a disorder of eating excess calories, you are very wrong and you will have exactly the same out-comes of all calorie reduction diets. The result. Nothing! Zilch! Just a disheartened patient, whose self esteem has now taken another thrashing.

Over-dimensioned? It doesn't matter how much you weigh. Dr G weighs in at 95Kgms with no clothes on. But he is hardly "obese". What matters more is "how you look in a swim suit"! Now we have to consider what exactly are we looking at and for. This is a matter for science and not bogey.

Women especially have attached a lot of emotion to the concept of "being over-weight". So it is extremely important for you not to attach any emotions to the concept of "being over-dimensioned".

The five major, among a number, causes of being over-dimensioned are:

  • eating too fast,
  • eating in front of the TV,
  • poor quality nutrition ( especially the "low fat", "low calorie" foods.)
  • Women's fashion magazines*.

* Did you know that they morph all the pictures of women in fashion magazines. There is no way, even if you became anorexic to look those pictures. Impossible. So stay away from fashion magazines.

There are other important reasons as well. For further information, click here....There are many causes of being Over-dimensioned. Often there are more than one cause in the same patient.

Very recent research has shown that being over-dimensioned can be due to an infection or even plastic or pesticide intoxication.

Knowing what we are treating, improves our chances of getting your body dimension back to where you want them to be.

A very real problem is that blood tests for these conditions don’t often help us very much.

At Healthwise, we promise to keep looking for the cause of your over-dimensionless until you achieve your heart’s desire.

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